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This video compares traditional auto body shop repair and refinish with Paintless Dent Repair. It’s a behind the scenes look that reveals the step by step process that most people never have the opportunity to see for themselves. Which would you choose? After watching I’d like you to ask yourself what you’d rather have performed on your vehicle.

This video shows you how we used extreme Paintless Dent Repair for a large dent on a Chevy Silverado 2500 High Country door and saved it from being grinded down, filled with bondo, and painted over. Our repair allowed this truck to remain new and factory original. We protected the vehicle by preventing a Carfax report and preserving the resale value. If you have a large dent like this and are located near Grand Rapids, Michigan then contact us to discuss if your vehicle can also be protected with Paintless Dent Repair.

A Subaru Outback fender repaired with PDR. We had to loosen the bumper cover, fender liner, and remove the headlight to access the backside of the panel in order to utilize our Paintless Dent Repair methods. Our customer was not sure what hit him but it left some minor paint damage. We wet sanded, buffed, and applied some touch up paint that he provided after we completed our dent repair. This was all performed in one day as the customer wanted us to repair his dent before leaving from Grand Rapids to his winter home in Florida.
This video shows the capabilities of advanced Paintless Dent Repair. It’s a BMW fender that was severely damaged due to another vehicle backing into it and we were able to save it from being replaced and painted at a body shop. We fully repaired it with Paintless Dent Repair at our PDR shop in Grand Rapids. All traces of damage were removed without harming the factory paint at all.
The very common, hated, and feared Jeep Wrangler cowl dent. This damage occurs when the door swings open too far and the mirror hits the cowl panel leaving a deep, nasty dent. At Dent Perfection, we can remove this dent with Paintless Dent Repair and prevent replacing, sanding, filling, or painting the panel. If your Wrangler has been inflicted with this, let us know. We service Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas.
Here’s a nasty body line dent on the door of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We show before and after video as well as provide information on why body line dents take so much skill to repair. It was a new vehicle and our customer did not want to take it to an auto body shop to have it painted. 100% Paintless Dent Repair from Dent Perfection.
This Jeep Wrangler hood was unfortunate enough to be caught in a hail storm. It was, however, fortunate enough to find us and our Paintless Dent Repair magic. We removed every single one of the hail dents by massaging it out from the backside and keeping the paint and decals original. Dent Perfection offers automotive hail damage repair to all of West Michigan.
A box fell out of storage in a garage and landed on the quarter panel of this Toyota 4Runner leaving a monster dent. We started this dent repair by bonding plastic tabs to the panel with a special PDR paint-safe glue and pulling. Then we accessed the back side with steel rods to manipulate the steel and restore the panel without grinding off the paint or using any auto body fillers. No painting and same day repair! Paintless Dent Repair at it’s finest with Dent Perfection of Grand Rapids.
This shows before and after video of a long, curvy, sharp line impression that we call a crease. This crease dent repair was performed with Paintless Dent Repair. The damage went through the rear door, quarter panel, and fuel door. The entire side of the vehicle would have been painted over if our customer didn’t find us. Dent Perfection provides dent repair for all of greater Grand Rapids.